Hearing is a vital part of our overall health and well-being, as it plays a key role in both our physical and mental health. But did you also know that the ear is one of the best and most accurate places to track movement and monitor our health? Even more so than the wrist, where many of today’s health and fitness trackers are worn. It’s true!

Why ears are better for activity trackers than wrists 

In 2015, Outside magazine wrote: “While the wrist is full of muscles and tendons that move, the ear is all cartilage and about the most inert part of your body… Shove a sensor into your ear and the signal is about 100 times clearer than at the wrist.” 

In other words, the ear is a more stable surface and is consistent with the movements of the rest of your body. The wrist, on the other hand, often has extra movements which are not step related. These can lead to false positive and false negative step calculations from your activity-tracking device — and thus, inaccurate results. 

Intrigue AI hearing aids track activity, monitor hearing and well-being 

Audibel has led the industry in integrating health and wellness features into our hearing aids – the first to integrate sensors, the first to enable counting steps, and the first to monitor and encourage social engagement. 

With the arrival of our new Intrigue AI hearing aids, you can now enjoy these and more groundbreaking features at a whole new level. 

Track more activities — and more accurately than ever before 

Intrigue AI hearing aids are designed with the industry’s most advanced activity-tracking technology — the ability to recognize the difference between walking, running, biking, and aerobic activity, automatically. So, you’ll get more accurate and consistent results, which helps make it easier to set and achieve your fitness goals. 

Monitor hearing progress more easily 

Intrigue AI hearing aids connect to the My Audibel hearing aid app, where you can view your hearing progress in a simple, easy-to-follow snapshot. This includes any headway you’ve made toward your hearing aid usage and interaction goals.

For even greater detail, you can access graphical views of your hearing (or activity) progress by day, month, or year. 

Stay safe while active with first-ever Fall Alert 

Leveraging Intrigue AI’s built-in 3D sensors, our engineers integrated technology that gives them the ability to detect when you fall, plus send alert messages to selected family members or caregivers. 

So, not only will you benefit from our best sounding hearing aids ever — but also from giving everyone peace of mind and maintaining your independence. 

We’re here to help you hear better and live better by supporting your physical, social-emotional, and cognitive fitness. Now that is what we call “Caring Technology”! 

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