Bill Chaney

After my appointment at Modern Hearing Aids, I made an appointment with an audiologist. The audiologist told me that there was nothing that could help the hearing loss in my left ear and advised me that I would be throwing my money away if I purchased an aid for that ear.

My wife and I went back to Modern Hearing Aids and Mary Rose let me try a pair of NuEar hearing aids to hear what I had been missing. Boy, was I surprised! I could hear some sounds in the left ear, not words, but sounds. This gave me balance and for the first time in many years, I could hear sounds in that ear and distinguish the direction from which the sounds were coming. How nice that is! Using the telephone used to be a real pain. Now with NuEar, I just pick up the receiver and talk without any whistling or buzzing. It is great!

The NuEar hearing aids are remarkable! I was at a family reunion recently and for the first time in a long time, I could hear what was being said. I could hear sounds behind me. l even got in on some of the conversation. Thanks to Mary Rose and NuEar, my life has dramatically improved.